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Everything starts with self-awareness.

In my coaching practice, I combine my background as the creator and owner of a patented technology marketing firm with my life-long dedication to elevating my own consciousness. I guide individuals, teams, and companies on their rigorous journey to thrive in business while maintaining a healthy balance inwardly (their relationship to self) and outwardly (their relationships with others). My work helps business owners, founders, entrepreneurs, and their teams maintain positive growth trajectories while reducing the risk of burnout and poor decisions made from unconscious blind spots. My work illuminates the ego's shadow and draws forth a deeper awareness of subconscious blocks.


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I work with individuals, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and their teams. I begin all work with individual coaching and assessments. Together, we will discover the origin and nature of the powerful subconscious drivers of human behavior.  Once we illuminate the blind spots and performance obstacles, we can set a clear path for positive transformation. We do this one step at a time, so our work together is paced at a comfortable cadence set by the client. I provide a customized Conscious Assessment that addresses your desired results and end goals.

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Using individual coaching as the foundation for teams, I help illuminate underlying drivers working against the team's collective success. Our work together will establish a foundational mindset that reawakens the inner brilliance of the team dynamics. Together, we will develop effective practices that drive toward the company's ultimate goals. 

In the new hybrid work environment, I help teams reinforce the strength of their culture. We will develop a constellation of helpful knowledge,  and practical tools to apply to the pursuit of a more vital, healthier, and more engaged team dynamic.

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I offer 360 and Hogan assessments to help companies make hiring decisions, grow their top talent, and develop their leadership team. Assessments are a powerful tool to increase awareness and surface subconscious drivers impeding success and potential. Through the analysis of assessments at both the individual and collective level,  I help the leadership team realign their more profound goals with their overarching business initiatives. 

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What does brand strategy have to do with business coaching?

  • Understand and clarify who you are and how you serve - your values, mission, purpose, and vision.

  • Allow your beliefs and values to anchor and guide your decisions in ways that better serve your people, your business, and your clients.

  • Consistently and effectively communicate your brand through every piece of content you make.

  • By aligning the integrity of your values with your brand, you create a beacon that naturally attracts your ideal customers and talent.

  • Create a culture that aligns with your values and principles.

  • Position your brand in a way that leverages your intangible and tangible value proposition.


Once the brand strategy is complete, we can create your brand identity, which consists of the following:

  • Logo, look, feel, and tone of your brand

  • Creative assets 

  • Messaging, elevator pitch

  • Online presence (website, SEO, online consumer experience, in-store POS, loyalty integration, etc.)

  • Internal and external marketing collateral

Your branding is how people perceive your business when they see or experience it. Brand strategy clarifies your mission, vision, audience, and personality. Brand identity is a visual representation of your brand which aligns with your brand strategy – your values and mission.


Corporate wellness is a fundamental aspect of a healthy business.  If the people are not thriving, the company cannot thrive. 

I look at corporate wellness through multiple lenses. Below is a sample of key areas that surface in my coaching work with companies:

1. Are individuals clear and in alignment with the corporate culture?

2. Is there internal toxicity? Is so, how is it being handled?

3. Is feedback provided clearly and consistently?

4. Is leadership setting clear standards and expectations?

5. Do employees feel valued?

6. Are employees given development opportunities?


I use multiple methods to help my clients. For example, in the case of performance blocks, I utilize assessments, brainspotting, and self-awareness tactics to help uncover subconscious blocks. 

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Brainspotting for Performance


Most of my clients are psychically intact and high-functioning adults who, like any human, encounter invisible obstacles or blind spots which hinder their growth, relationships, creativity, full potential, and joy. Brainspotting is a  neuroscience-informed technique that is highly effective in helping people realize and release beliefs that inhibit their growth trajectory, performance, self-awareness, and relationships. ​ Therapists treat the trauma of the past, and as a coach, I work with clients on their future.  My mentor always used to say, "If we knew better, we'd do better." When we become activated and our pre-frontal cortex goes offline, we resort to fighting, fleeing, freezing, or fawning.  We cannot think straight during stressful times because we've switched to survival mode. Unfortunately, our bodies activate survival mode when it's not necessary because we are weakened by trapped emotional energy that's never been processed. Such an activation occurs when we step outside our comfort zone and onto our growth edge. This makes us feel out of control, lacking safety and security and seeking approval from outside ourselves versus claiming it as intrinsic to our being. As Richard Rohr has said, "whatever pain we don't transform, we transfer."  Our maladaptive behavior can manifest as chronic anxiety, procrastination, not feeling "good enough," perfectionism,  obsessive control, people-pleasing, pridefulness,  etc.  I have found brainspotting to be an effective method to surface and finally address subterranean inhibitors to living a more fulfilled life.​ Brainspotting helps right-size emotions and character traits so we can emancipate ourselves from lower energy patterns. ​ Whether my clients are going through a cycle of change management, a new season of growth, building a new team, re-branding their existing business, or creating a new one, they are often required to overcome subconscious obstacles holding them back from a breakthrough.  ​ Furthermore, many of my clients are burnt out and overworked. They often come to me when they need to step back and reassess their business and people strategies. Facing subconscious drivers and right-sizing them is a critical step in our work to increase performance, creativity, and innovation. As we do the developmental work to create better boundaries and grow closer to personal self-mastery,  we must do so with grace, courage, and willingness. ​ Clients who lock up limiting beliefs, rumination, incessant negative thoughts, or self-protective patterns often experience powerful results with brainspotting.

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